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Ramin Farsad


Ramin Farsad is a project management professional and passionate mentor. Below you can find his official credentials:

Project Management Professional, University of Sydney, 2018

The Graduate Diploma in Project Management is PMI accredited which provides skills to manage complex projects. This degree delivers the fundamental methodologies, modelling and analytical skills for the design and implementation of projects across a wide range of industries such as infrastructure, construction, manufacturing, IT, finance, law and various types of consultancy projects.

Theory of Coaching, Bodybuilding and Fitness Committee, 2016

IFBB accredited certification from bodybuilding and fitness committee of Khorasan Razavi which consists of:

  • Principles of Physical Education

  • Physical Fitness

  • Motor Development

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Safety in Sport

  • Doping & Sports Supplements

  • Sports Nutrition 

  • Role of Coach

  • Sport Psychology

  • Skills Analysis

  • Workout Design

Master of Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2015

Masters program Construction Engineering and Management from Sharif University of Technology which is the nation's leading institution for engineering and physical science disciplines undertake advanced theoretical and experimental research and is a significant contributor to new research knowledge on an international scale in:

  • Modern construction technologies

  • Construction management and project management and delivery

  • Planning and risk management

  • Contracts and legal studies

  • Economics and finance

  • Machinery and procurement

  • Measurements and quality

  • People management

  • Systems studies

  • Problem-solving

  • Simulation in construction

Story of Ramin Farsad

Why writing and blogging?


I spent most of my childhood in my head, daydreaming about a secular utopia that was fundamentally different from my home country.

Feeling alien to the forced social norms, I started giving speeches and writing articles in my early 20s about taboos and topics that created anxiety in society.


Topics like the unheard female voice due to oppressive social beliefs, body-shame, sexual health, perfectionism, mental health and more.

My goal was drawn by my naive inner kid whispering that we need to change the world and make it a better place...

A little bit more about me?

I was raised in a family with some sort of moral values. Like many other teenagers, my parents were shaping my dreams to get educated and move overseas in search of peace and tranquillity in a developed country. 

So, yes, I became an engineer with the dream to make the world a better place (I know it sounds cliche but we live with our dreams right?) and I migrated to Australia alone (Yes right, knowing no one, not even a single friend).

This journey was not even close to those dreams I had as a kid. The dark phases I went through might be reflected in my writings. The reason is that writing, reading and feeling connected is one of the best ways to find inner peace, don't you agree?

You can't simply google some topics and find the answer, you need to LIVE it and FACE it.

The death of the loved ones due to cancer and car accident, living with non-curable diseases, quitting smoking, coming out of depression cycles, working with a bully boss and shedding tears every day only to survive as a migrant.

These are the phases that anyone might go through and don't know how to face it...


I used to call my blog "Pathfinder".

A pathfinder is a fictional character aspiring to guide humans and all species by gathering the most useful, relevant and reliable information. She/he is searching for a new home for humans and other species because of his/her belief that we all live in a world which is not what we meant to live in. 

I hope I can make your day a little brighter by sharing useful facts, thoughts and life experiences.

Ramin Farsad