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Honest and Practical Guide to Build Muscles and Lose Fat

Avoid Fitness Industry Propaganda

How to Read The Labels of BodyBuilding Supplements & How To Choose The Best Ones!

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My dear students, have you realized that Instagram influencers and those photos of perfectly ripped physiques are putting a lot of stress on us?!?!

I used to be a chubby introverted gamer with curly hairs looking like a bird's nest and my man boobs floating around. My school friends teased me all the time pinching my man boobs and love handles.

These mixed feelings of shame and anxiety got even worse after I joined Instagram in 2010.

A few months after its launch, it was filled with sexy photos of bikini girls and bodybuilders flaunting their flawless physique.

Shortly after, I made this detrimental habit of going through random photos of fitness models and cursing my poor genetics and the entire world(!)...

Guys, this is the story of so many of us getting manipulated by marketing campaigns and misleading information on social media!

I'm here to genuinely help you with your fitness goals by telling you about all the dirty secrets in the fitness industry that you need to know.

I tried to make in fun and interesting so the course doesn't remind you of those boring formal education classes that work better than sleeping pills. :D

Some important topics that I will discuss:

HIIT high-intensity interval training combined with eccentric lifting - fat burning agents (Clenbuterol, Yohimbine, Ephedrine, Synephrine) - Steroids, Peptides, SARMs - self cheating using momentum - fitness industry marketing campaigns - big lies in transformation journies - muscle builders - dietary supplements - Creatine monohydrate - Whey protein concentrate and isolate - beta-alanine - L-citrulline - and more...

Below, I have summarised what I have done to gather this information, and I leave you to judge whether my words are genuine or I'm just another salesperson writing to make some money:

  • Besides being an engineer, I have been working in the fitness, nutrition, and supplements (GNC) industry for several years, and I had to pass extensive training programs.

  • I am a nerd, and I have consumed lots of information from unbiased sources (like a Wikipedia-like website for supplements and medicines based on scientific studies and latest university studies)

  • I suffered from body-shame anxiety since childhood having man boobs and inferior genetics, and I feel you when you say you hate those flawless Instagram photos.

  • My unhealthy obsession made me try all kinds of methods and tools with caution, and I'm here to tell you if they worth it or not based on research studies and personal experiments.

  • I will not hide anything, and I have no shame in telling the truth because it is the only way I can genuinely help you in your journey, and inform you about the risks.

  • I've got fitness coaching IFBB accredited certification (find the details on "mentors" page)

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This is not like any other transformation journey, telling you lies to sell you shi*!!! I'm gonna tell you exactly what I took and used and I'm not afraid to talk about my own experiments in using drugs, steroids, peptides, SARMs and fat burners because that's the only way I can genuinely help you in your fitness journey!

The course will be updated regularly with new materials and techniques. So you pay once and you own the course with all upcoming contents! Think of it as an investment in your body and mental health.

So are you ready to start the course?! Let's do this!

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The course is live on Udemy! Click on the link! Please leave me a review or feel free to ask questions so I know what I should add next and which part of my course needs updates! Thanks!

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